Services 服务

Market Entry Strategy and Implementation 市场进入策略及执行

Our relationship starts with you, our client, by taking the time to understand your needs. We learn about your company culture, business model, vision, and global strategy. Only by understanding who you are that we can provide you with what you need. 


With our deep understanding of both of the UK and Chinese markets, we can help you understand not only what happened yesterday, but more importantly what can happen tomorrow. This will assist you to identify the broad opportunities in your industry.


Next, we sit down with you and develop a concise business strategy and action plan that is founded in strategic thinking, developed through detailed and analytical planning and specially designed to fit your company's culture and risk tolerance.


Finally, we can help you with the execution to assure key cooperation modes are agreed and implemented according to your schedule.

Transaction Advisory 交易咨询

- Buying a Business 收购


We help identify key risks and rewards throughout the acquisition life cycle – even for the most complex deals. We help you align deals with your strategic business objectives, maintain compliance and enhance value from integration and potential upside opportunity.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions during the critical stages of planning and executing an acquisition.

- Selling a Businenss 出售


Our Deal Advisory professionals are forward-looking specialists with a broad range of skills, deep industry expertise, and a view on the future, to help you stay in front of the issues and avoid loss of value. From helping you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture to supporting you in minimising value leakage, we assess your situation and support your negotiating position to maximise the sales price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to the remaining business operations.


- Partnering 合作协议


Create and set-up of a new joint venture or business combination requires specialised skills in not only assessing the legal and tax environments, but also the capital market provisions in the local environment.


We can support you from pre-deal strategy and partner identification through to implementation and governance to power up your joint venture or business combination.

- Funding a Business 企业融资


We offer hands-on assistance through the process of raising capital, from initial assessment and strategy to successful execution. Using clear and consistent communications, we can help you develop and strengthen shareholder support for the deal.

- Deal Financing 交易融资

The global financial crisis has led to increased bank regulation which has directly impacted the level and routes to available funding. Therefore financing a deal is not quite as simple as it was previously. This funding gap has driven the emergence of increasingly sophisticated non-bank lending options available to companies considering merging with or acquiring another company. We are here to help bridge the gap by tapping into our extensive network to select the right financial backer according to the compliance framework. 

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